• Subjects just for you, your business, your life
  • Come for Lunch - Fun - Enlightenment
  • A unique approach to social community and engagement
  • Creating a currency of exchangeable talents and skills
Adding useful skills and knowledge


  • NLP – Neuro linguistic programming Practitioner Certification
  • Easy confidence
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  • Everything for the Mumpreneur, the Solopreneur and the SME
  • Parenting Skills
  • Kids Confidence
  • Always simple and successful
  • Plain common sense


    • Core values
    • Core principles
    • Optimising environment and behavioural trends for success
    • Enlightened teaching skills
    • Good plain common sense
    • Encouraging play
    Improving and Easing Family Life


    • Transformative and Trance- formative.
    • Creating Courage, Love and Vitality and whatever it is you need to move on or up.
    • Starting in the right place - Unconscious Elicitation. What is really going on with the individual and / or business?
    Tooling you up and speeding you up.

    Random Dialogues is Jane Tyson and Arthur Partridge                
    #LWWDEvent                                            #RandDialEvent

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